A downloadable game for Windows

A collection of 10 original games I made in about 3 months.

The games are:

1. Still Wall

2. Silver Tree.

3. Deep Specimen

4. Muzzy

5. Man

6. MurphyQuest

7. Jam with the Boys

8. Moon on a Stick

9. The Kitchen

10. The Door

To open the doors in the The Door, you need 3 passwords. The passwords are hidden in Muzzy, MurphyQuest, and Moon on a Stick, in that order.

All of the art, music and sound effects are by me.

Install instructions

Extract the files to a folder of your choice. you'll find the games in the "games" folder.


Kickelnock Project.rar 614 MB
Kickelnock Project.7z 601 MB

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